This extensive range of calenders has been designed for continuous printing of curtains, furnishing fabrics and non-wovens, but also limited runs of promotional materials, narrow fabrics and ribbons. All of these machines can be used additionally for heatsetting fabrics and "crush" effects, likewise for reactivating inks applied direct to textiles by digital plotters or screen printing machines.

For special decorations such as gold lamination and metallizing, PVC and PU embossing, scale and snakeskin effects, select the machines illustrated in the "LAMINATION - FILM/WEB" section.

Mod. 901

Calender for transfer printing, reactivation, "crush" heatsetting.

mm inch
  • Ø mm 350

    mm 2000
    mm 2600
    mm 3000
    mm 3600

  • Ø inch 13,78

    inch 78,74
    inch 102,36
    inch 118
    inch 141,73