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COMPANY TS VISUAL: metal printing for the decoration of the MARKTHAL-ROTTERDAM

Title :  Horn of Plenty
Artist Arno Coenen
Official opening: October 2014
Location: Markthal Rotterdam (NL)
Materials: Sublimation print on coated aluminium sheets by TS Visuals
Dimensions: 120 x 90 meter
Total surface: +/- 11.000m2
File size image: 1,47 terabyte consisting of 400.000 megapixels
Size per metal sheet: 1,5 x 1,5 meter
Number of sheets used in artwork: Over 4.000
Made possible by: Winy Maas (MVRDV), Provast, JP van Eesteren, Aldowa, TS

Shopping, working, living and going out under a forty-metre high arch covering an area the size of 2
large football pitches. That is what Markthal Rotterdam is. A spectacular design from the Rotterdam
architectural firm MVRDV. Together with property developer ProVast, architect Winy Maas
successfully combined all the functions of the Markthal without them getting in each other's way.
Are you curious how this technical wonder came about?
A forty-metre high arch made of natural stone with windows.
Apartments along both sides of the arch.
It didn't take long for the massive installation to earn the label "biggest artwork in the world," on top
of other nicknames like the "Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam." It's not hard to see why:
The inside of the arched hall will be the canvas of an impressive 11,000 m2 piece of art. The artwork
is by Arno Coenen and consists of larger-than-life images of fresh produce which will be sold in the
Markthal. Coenen enlisted the help of Pixar Studios to create an image large enough, and sharp
enough, to fill 4,000 tiled pieces. (The file used was 1.47TB.)
Visitors who take a look inside the arch will see a colourful heaven of fresh vegetables, meat, fish,
bread and flowers. It is a unique image that, together with the pioneering shape of the hall, will be
known throughout the world.

About TS Visuals | www.tsvisuals.nl
TS Visuals is a specialized hard substrate printing company based in the Netherlands. For the
decorated aluminium ‘Markthal' panels they used a special printing process that is based on
MVRDV , Provast, JP van Eesteren, Aldowa, TS Visuals
Half of the apartments overlook the market.
Sealed end façades prevent the wind and cold from getting in.
Inside the arch, panels of glass are spectacularly suspended between a framework of steel cables.
sublimation. Sublimation is a unique method of applying visuals to materials such as coated metal,
MDF and glass. At high temperature the ink of the printed design turns into a gas and then
penetrates the coated panel to form a solid, resistant and durable layer, protecting and decorating
the base material. Sublimation offers a large number of novel possibilities for application in such
fields as building, architecture, exteriors, interiors, transport, infrastructure, advertising and
The panels and coatings are individually designed by their own research department, the panels are
lightfast, bendable and can be cut in any shape possible.
Per request the UV-resistance can be extended, depending on the application and purpose of the
The production process of the panels for Markthal Rotterdam is as follows :
• The aluminium panels were perforated, because of acoustic requirements
• Application of the scratch resistant high gloss powder coating with anti-graffiti properties
• Sublimation of 4000 panels with unique images, together one visual of 11.000 sq. meter

About Arno Coenen | www.arnocoenen.nl
A meeting of extremes is what Arno Coenen (1972) aims to achieve with his art. Coenen's images
reveal refreshing similarities between things that are generally represented as separate and
incompatible in contemporary media. A good example is Coenen's colorful tile mural ‘Oost, west,
thuis best' (translates as ‘home is where the heart is'), which was acquired by Rijksmuseum
Coenen is fascinated with the rise of cultures coming from abroad, as well as developments in
subcultures, youth culture and pop culture. His special interest lies with the more explosive
subcultural phenomena, such as hooliganism, heavy metal and martial arts culture. Collaboration is a
necessity of life to him. Coenen also works as a curator and organizer.
Movie: http://vimeo.com/90966920

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About Texo Trade Services BV | www.texo-trade.com
Texo Trade Services BV (TTS) in the Netherlands is the manufacturer and international sales
organization of a wide range of transfer papers and polyester films for silkscreen printing. In addition
TTS sells from stock a complete range of sublimation transfer papers and fabrics for the digital
printing industry. TTS is based in the Netherlands, has subsidiaries in France and Italy and distributes
her products worldwide.
Texo Trade Service BV - Coenecoop 640 - 2741 PV Waddinxween - P.O. Box 205 - 2740 AE Waddinxween - The Netherlands
T +31 (0) 182 62 39 44+31 (0) 182 62 39 44 - F +31 (0) 182 62 39 44+31 (0) 182 62 39 44 - E - I www.texo-trade.com
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